💃🏻 Jan 2020 Review

🕊 and so a month has flown by! I've never really sat down regularly to reflect on what's been happening..

and therefore often always kind of feel lost - feeling like I haven't really done anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️

☺️ life is made of memories, isn't it? so here goes! and someone please make me remember to do this at the end of Feb hahaha.


😎 1. I have an office now yay! huge ass fabulous photo studio included!

👔 2. did Profile shots for almost 100 people! for Indo Bank BNI & Antler.

💃🏻 3. Started going to O School again for Street Jazz dance!

👨🏼‍🍳 4. Got to meet a World Chocolate Master, Elias Laderach!

📸 * Jan Event Photoshoots: 7

1. I have an office now yay! 🤣 started going to co-working space called Hive Lavender. paying about S$200/month for 10days/20halfdays.

😍 it has this huge ass fabulous photo studio too!! God do I wanna have a party in it hahaha. 🤣

Jan CNY Lunch! haven't really made much new friends here but hope I will by the end of 2020.☺️

please do come visit / work / chill with me. 🙆🏻 ps: come on a Tuesday for Hive Try Out day!

👔 2. did Profile shots for almost 100 people! not something I usually do but now am starting to get more into. 😊 here are some of my fav shots done at Lasalle!

📸 I had been shooting Events for Tech start up generator Antler for awhile, and this Jan just before their 3rd Demo Day, we spent a few hours taking Team & Profile shots for their latest cohort of 16 teams!

I was also referred to Indo Bank, BNI, Bank Negara Indonesia to do an almost 80pax Corporate profile shoot of their staff for their new pass cards! 😆

3. started going to O School again for Street Jazz classes! 💃🏻

I haven't been exercising in foreverrrrr.. but dance class with fabulous, sexy dance teacher?

hell yeah, I'll be there hahaha - Chris why you dance sooooo chiooooo. 😍

🤔 what we're supposed to look like:

what I actually look like hahaha 🙈 :

I'm not very good at remembering moves (plus the song so fast wtf 😱) but I'm glad things already felt better the 2nd lesson! 🤣

I need to go for class more than once a week in Feb!! maybe I'll try Lyrical Jazz too - not sure if it'll be too classical for my taste - but won't know till I try!!

👨🏼‍🍳 4. got to meet a World Chocolate Master, Elias Laderach! as well as Swiss Ambassador, Fabrice Filliez!

omg I got to taste freshly made Chocolate by master chef Elias too!! 😋

I could really feel the Caramel filling oozing out.. NOT TO MENTION my drool hahaha - fo real!! 🤤

thank you Cherylyn for the job and best chocolates of ze world!! ☺️🙏🏻

5. surprised my parents by sending them on a Royal Albatross, Sunset Dinner cruise! ⚓️

14 Jan was their 29th Wedding Anniversary! 😊 hope next time someone special can bring me on this tall ship. 🙊

😂 brought them for a Powerpoint Karaoke comedy show too - it was lots of random nonsense, fun and laughs hahaha!! would totally recommend it!! 👍🏻

side note: this platter at Harry's Clarke Quay was so good. 😍

omg next month Feb since it's Valentines the peeps from Powerpoint Karaoke are organising a "Date My Friend" event where you can sign up to "sell" your friend - with Powerpoint slides of course. 🤣

looking forward to going with Yi Ying and catching up tooooo. I'm sure it's going to be hilariousssss! 😍

it's 18 Feb, 8pm, Hive Carpenter. here's the Event info in case you're interested tooooo / or have a friend you really just want to sell. 🤣


🌊 6. the Entrepreneur in me was sooooo tempted to start a Rashguards shop with my lil sis Cherie! 😆

I just loveeeee Rashguards omg 😍 you could say I have a rashguard fetish! 🤣 hahaha

no bikini bod nvm, can still look hot in Rashguards. 🔥 plus no need to use sunscreen on arms, can be more eco friendly! 🙊

🌱 7. visited Singapore Sustainability Academy - didn't even know this place existed! 🙊

did a job for the Royal Danish Embassy of Singapore. got to photograph Danish Ambassador, ms Dorte Bech Vizard. ☺️

UNLEASH Innovation Lead, Jackie Stenson. UNDP Global Centre for Tech Director, Bradley Busetto. Temasek Sustainability Director, Frederick Teo.

📸* Number of Event Photoshoots engaged for in Jan: 7 😊

thought it would be good for me to be aware of this number each month too!

1. Indo Bank BNI, Staff Profile Shoots

2. Start Up Generator, Antler Profiles 3. Antler Demo Day, Start Ups Pitching

4. 5. Luxury Swiss Chocolate Maker, Elias Laderach in SG 6. Royal Danish Embassy, Sustainable Development Goals Event

7. Corporate Client Family's 70th Birthday

🙆🏼 Overall having a great start to 2020!

except the scary World news of Australian bushfires and Wuhan coronavirus. 😭

looking forward to Feb! have some exciting happenings cooking in the oven! 😁

hope Feb will be a better month for the World too. 😵

🐭 hope ya'll had a great Chinese New Year! 🧧 stay safe & healthy!