🎄Christmas Wishes

"don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" - Christopher Nolan / Inception, the movie.✨

I've been so realistic and down to earth these days one of my coffee meets bagel dates told me straight up he thought I was too jaded. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I took it pretty personally and got somewhat offended at first, as I considered myself a pretty happy go lucky person. 🍀

"I don't think that's very realistic" - but as I caught myself responding to my 6 years junior, budding 21 year old lil sis's start up ideas - I realised what my date had told me was factually just plain true. 😬

"set realistic goals", they said. "create an action plan", they said. "give yourself deadlines". 💯

whilst good advice from an execution point of view, what's the point if we're not clear on what we want. ✨

life is too long to not have some crazy dream to work toward - one step at a time. 🌈

in the spirit of Christmas wishes and a New Year of new beginnings, let's not be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

let's give ourselves permission to dream. what do you wish for? not just this Christmas, New Year, or 2020, but beyond?

as a Photographer

be associated with a big camera brand (olympus)

have a team of photographers to send out

a business that runs on its own

start a photo school

as a Travel Entrepreneur

be the next big social travel club company

have tour leaders to send out

a business that runs on its own

as an Animal Lover

be associated with animal organisations

(I have actually just need to showcase)

animal encounter World tour photobook

photo exhibitions, captions copy

raising awareness of animal friendly travel

as a person

dance street jazz o school


open dating, dating multiple guys concurrently