📸 trying out the Sony A7R III @ the Singapore Zoo 🦁

whilst Feb has been a quieter month in terms of Events photog jobs for me due to the Coronavirus saga 🤷🏻‍♀️

I do appreciate having the extra time I now have to do extra fun stuff! 🙊

like try out the Sony A7R III @ the Singapore Zoo! 💃🏻

in Jan I'd received an email from Sony offering to let me try out some of their gear for a couple of weeks. what an honour! 😍

they even sent it to me in this chio af Pelican case. 😍 OMG I felt like it was Christmas hahaha. 🎄🤣

what would I choose to photograph in my own free time, of my own free will..?? Animals, of course! 🐱 taking pictures of Cats was what had gotten me into photog in the first place!

the Zoo was pretty empty due to coronavirus times 🙊 making it, on the bright side, a much more pleasant experience 🙆🏻

here are some of my favourite shots w the Sony A7R III ! ☺️

😍 gotta love morning light!!


honestly I am sooooo not a morning person but just getting oneself to the Zoo in time for opening at 8.30am is half a photographer's battle won. 🙊

Pro Tip: get yourself to the Zoo by 8am for some good ol' Kaya Toast + Eggs + Teh O Breakfast = 75% of a photographer's battle won 🤣

I digress.. ok where was I.. 🤣 capturing our Singapore Zoo's beautiful Cheetahs. 🐆

love putting people and Animals in the same frame.☺️

🌞 good morning my Meer kitty Cats! (Meerkats)

🦒 Fun Fact: when I was little I had an imaginary Giraffe friend. 🤣

🦁 Too early to photograph Lions, still sleeping. 🤣

🌊 10.30am Splash Safari Show feat. Sea Lions

Sea Lions look so goofy on Land but so graceful underwater. 🥰

♻️ I hadn't seen one of these Shows in awhile but found it really nice how the Zoo had included messages of using less Plastic, using Reusable Bags, Bottles, etc!

🤗 Just goin' Shoppin' w my fabulous Sea Lion bae.

Primate Kingdom

😍 wow dat bokeh. Squirrel Monkey v

Black and White Ruffed Lemur v

Colombus Monkey v

Javan Langurs v 🐒

Ring Tailed Lemur v

🐘 11.30am Elephant Show

😍 White Tiger 🦁

🌴 12.30pm Rainforest Show

Coatimundi v

Ring Tailed Lemur v

Siamang ? v

Oriental Pied Hornbill v

Reticulated Python v

African Penguins v

🌈 Rainforest Kidzworld

🌱 Fragile Forest

Celebes Crested Macaque v

🦋 Butterfly Aviary v

Toco Toucan v

Common Crowned Pigeon v

White Faced Saki Monkey v

Lesser Mousedeer v

Golden Lion Tamarin v

🐾 Fossa

📸 Once again Thank you Sony for the opp to try out your Alpha A7R III camera. Consider me poisoned. 🤣

Hope ya'll enjoyed the photos! 🤣

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🙋🏻 till next time!